Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traveling a little

It was time to move out of Tokyo and head for a one night stop in Nagoya. The reason for this stop was to catch up with Kazuki and his family. Kazuki had stayed with Nick 12months ago in Australia.
 We traveled by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagoya. We head off to Takayama tomorrow so we made our reservations as soon as we arrived in Nagoya.

Here is my fellow traveler and my tour guide :)

After a bit of a shop and a collapse back in our hotel we were met by Kazuki and his mother and father who drove us to Nagoya castle which has cherry blossom trees everywhere and they were at their peak.

The castle has an exhibition about its history and  opportunities to learn more about the culture of the area.

There was a photo opportunity for kids so the two "boys" posed for us.

 We made it to the top of the castle- all the practice in walking up those flights of stairs in schools in NYC came into good use.
 It started to rain when we arrived and still hasn't let up so the walk around the grounds of the castle was made shorter than one would have liked.

The lanterns were turned on in the grounds so one advantage of the rain and darkening skies.

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