Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers' Day.... late I know...

Michele's Mothers' Day blog made me cry.

And she managed to get it done on the day itself. I have to plead technology issues for why I didn't get done what I wanted done.

I have always struggled with Mothers' Day partly because Maddy always said "Why should you only be nice to me on Mothers' Day you should be nice all year!" True but it wasn't until coming and living here in NYC that I have had a bit of a mind shift about Mothers' Day that is it isn't about thanking and being nice to your mother but more about celebrating the mothers of the world and the relationship and caring they provide. So Michele's celebration of the Mothers in her life is exactly what it is about I now think.

I had planned to post this photo of my "Mom" tag (I know, I know! slippery slope. But I refused to write the word incorrectly on my tag) from the tag swap with Manhattan Scrapbookers.
The instructions were as follows:
Size is 3 inches by 5 inches or within an inch or so.  One of the smaller edges should have a bit of a diagonal cut on each side with a hole punched in the center to look like a shipping tag.  We won't specify an angle for your slanted end so choose your style.  The hole will allow us to thread our collection onto a binder ring, if desired.
The theme is "Mom".  Good moms/bad moms (picture Joan Crawford & her wire hanger), your mom, my mom (no, can't do "my" mom!), step-moms, TV moms, fairy tale moms (h'mmm...Snow White or Cinderella's step-moms or Jack in the Beanstalk's mom?), famous moms, stay at home moms, any kind of mom.  You must have a Mom on your tag.  She can be stamped, hand drawn, a photo, etc.  What can you think up?
Use stamps, paint, ink, paper, drawings, magazine pictures, photos etc.
You will need to make 5 Tags. You will receive 5 tags in return. 
Due date is May 16. Send them to me at the office (Please wait for the reminder email with the address before you send them).  Include $1 to cover return postage and I will mail 5 different tags back to the address you provide. 
Tags arriving later may be returned unswapped!  If you sign up but find you cannot make the deadline just change your RSVP to no (and email me if you are canceling at the last minute).  We'll see your art another time.
  • Size must be a shipping tag shape of approx. 3 inches by 5 inches.
  • There has to be a mom!
  • The Tag should be at least as thick as cardstock.
  • Tags should be close to identical (to prevent whining from people who think other people received better tags!)
  • Please, put your name on the back.
So  here is mine....  I took the photo of the tag with my phone and I didn't cut the corners as I was supposed to (Oops) but did punch the hole at the top and I am really pleased with it. I am happy with the layering I did and the use of washi tape as well as getting a photo of Maddy but even more so the sentiment and tribute to her.

Monday, May 14, 2012

An "interesting" innovation

Staff were required to clock in using finger print recognition. They punched in their ID number then inserted an index finger in the "finger print recognition thingy". This is a far cry from the old style factory clock in device that is in many schools in NYC.
I guess it prevents people from clicking in for each other. My thinking is centered around the issue of trust.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trying a different way to blog

Sitting and enjoying the boardwalk in Christiansted VI.

I've posted this on my facebook age but plan to try different ways of posting ideas and photos.
Let's see eh?!

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Location:King Cross St,Christiansted,US Virgin Islands