Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Having friends visit

The chance to share a meal again in the apartment...because I could and also I had time to do it and get it together. Not that it is all that hard- easy in fact- but it just takes time to do.

Sitting and waiting for the guests to arrive I noticed this very different change in the reflection on the Crown Plaza windows.

Then  they arrived and we could tuck into Temaki Sushi. It went down well and I got to use just about every plate in the apartment over the course of the meal.
In setting the meal on the table I put the foods that Mary could eat closest to her and we all had a delicious meal. Yay! I have found a second meal that we can share.

It's magic!

How does it work? It has to be magic! I take a photo on my iphone and then when I get home and open up photo stream there is the photo on my computer! Brilliant!
Annie Leibovitz- that photographer icon suggested the iPhone as a point and shoot camera because it is "the snapshot camera of today", saying it is "accessible and easy". I think she was talking about the iphone 4 but hey let's not allow a minor technicality get in the way of admiring the ease with which one can have point and shoot camera with you (and video player/recorder) just by carrying around your phone.
 We were at The View restaurant (the revolving restaurant at the top of the Marriott and the sun came out briefly on our first circuit around and hit the spire of everyone's favourite icon- The Chrysler building.

 Just as we were about to leave we found ourselves back looking at the building again and the sun had come out again- about 20 minutes before rain was beating on the window pains.
I got distracted by all this and didn't realize until I got to the foyer of our building that Id left a work folder back in the restaurant. So a brisk walk back to retrieve it.

I seem to be spending quite a bit of time standing in the middle of roads of late.

Well reference Friday 22 June photo and the one below- despite the point and shoot praise of the iphone it struggles with the light  like many cameras to photograph the sunset. However I tried to capture its beauty while standing in the middle of 47th St on my first trip back home from The View.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Theatre catch up

What with work and some work being in the Virgin Island during this past school year getting to the theatre has been difficult. I know the theatres are in my street and just around the corner but the traveling really knocked the stuffing out of me during the year. Note to self - Plan it out better next school year!
Keeping up to date with my blog was another thing that drifted badly but now the school year is nearly over here in NYC and I have had a few days to myself, not working so I have been able to catch up on the theatre going.
And so in the past two weeks I have caught up with some theatre..



Basically if it is Sunday I'm at a play and if it's Tuesday I'm at a musical.... except things change this week a little.
It has been great- I've caught up with shows I have been wanting to see all year and had a great time!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lesson learned

 Trying to take a shot of the view from my window this morning. It is interesting how one's eye can take account of shadows and light but the camera light meter struggles unless you can help it.
I wanted to get the shot of the "chick with the stick" The Statue of Liberty which was a clear as clear today be it ever so distant between the two buildings.

This was the first attempt- she's there in the distance but the shadows in the foreground...eek. So I took the next shot

Now you can see the buildings in the foreground but the Statue of Liberty and NJ in the distance is completely washed out.
So I remembered my photography lesson- use the metering and take a halfway point- set the exposure at that and took a shot...

 It worked! Not perfect but enough to serve my purposes of a snap of the view.
Wish I remembered all this when i was trying to get this shot from our balcony the other night. Not perfect at all but it was a glorious view.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Heading to the Botancial Gradens

In a side street a fire hydrant was releasing water for some reason so... what was a smart girl to do on a hot day and with plenty of water around???

Yep- make the most of it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding my muse

It is possibly not the best decision in the process of getting to The Met to and looking at my favourite friends there, to also decide to walk up Park Avenue on a 90 degree plus day. However that is what I chose to do so that I could photograph all of the Nine stainless steel, multicolored sculptures of various geometric shapes will tower over Manhattan's Park Avenue in an art project by Venezuelan sculptor Rafael Barrios. The works, each weighing about 2,200 pounds and standing more than 20 feet tall, will be installed from 51st to 67th streets starting Saturday, organizers said. They'll be up until June 30. (New York Times)
St Barts garden area
They are actually from 50th St to 68th Street an easy walk and I made sure I walked on the shady side of the avenue.
I happened upon them on my walk home from 59th St the other afternoon. I posted a picture on my facebook page and it wasn't until I saw them there that I realized how surreal they look.

Putting all nine photos seemed a little excessive so just a couple...

Contemplating which doors are opening and which are closing for me... even if temporarily
Seemed to be an appropriate sign at an appropriate time
 I spent time looking at the details of things and found a couple of photos here that seemed to work well.