Monday, September 5, 2016


 ...when you realize you've nearly let the day go by without taking a photo...
I spent time experimenting with backgrounds and then used a pic from a sales catalogue photocopied down in intensity. I still need to get text onto the page.
I was inspired by Mr Brainwash street artist whose work I saw in the gallery on Sunday.

Mr Brainwash is many things: a street artist, a filmmaker, and a real estate investor. He's been rumored to be Banksy, or alternatively, an invention of the famously anonymous street artist, after starring in the 2008 film, Exit from the Gift Shop.
Despite, or because of, these rumors, Mr. Brainwash continues his work as a street artist, taking on projects in cities around the world. New York seems to be a special place for the French expat, who currently lives in Los Angeles, but just bought a space under the High Line. He recently teamed up with Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery to unleash his creativity on the interior of the newly launched New York Edition Hotel. The only problem? He has a mere three hours to get the job done, and isn't sure yet what to do, exactly. We sat down with Mr. Brainwash to discuss the project, his celebrity fascination, and of course, Banksy.
The clock is ticking. How are you going to finish this project in time?
I have learned something after doing it so many times: I always pull it off. That's what my answer is in my head. Whatever I do, I just do it. I don't think, I have two hours, three hours, ten hours, two days, whatever—I always work and make it happen. I just don't give up.
 Just not quite the same....yet :)

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