Friday, February 26, 2010

Back in NYC

So the holiday had to come to an end we left this ...

and although I am far too sensible to be doing what this woman was doing, developing her leathery and sun drenched skin ... it did look very summery.

So we left all that sun and sand and silliness and arrived back in NYC worked on Thursday and had the second snow day in three weeks. So what we got was .... this

and to the left of the front door...
and to the right of the front door
and all the way down 48th Street

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to leave Key West

We had a lovely relaxing time in Key West and had planned to leave today- which we did.

Had to get the "love token" in the frame- the view from our balcony

and proof that we were there with the "love token".

Driving around Key West before heading out we went past the end of Highway 1 and then drove around the block so we could head off from...

the beginning of Highway 1

A bridge we did not take!

Then eventually we drove back into Marathon where we stopped on the way down. I managed a few "drive by shots" of what we passed up on the night we stayed there.

This motel was just too orange!

We were particularly happy that this motel didn't have a vacancy given that this...
.... is it!

The GPS was great taking us along the Overseas Highway.

We did wonder if it was just one crocodile?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What happens when it rains in paradise?!

The day started out beautifully. We walked along to Whitehead Street and saw a cruise ship off in the distance and managed to get the marker without any tourists hanging around- I had to be quick!

Then we walked along Whitehead Street ....

past the lighthouse

to Blue Heaven for a great breakfast.

We enjoyed the music, the sandy floor and the various characters that worked and ate there.

Back at the resort/hotel we made the most of a swim in the ocean and a swim in the pool and then when we decided it was time to have lunch it rained!

What else could we do but make ourselves known to the barman and enjoy our lunch and a day lolling around.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strolling around Key West

This is how our day started! Walking across from our room to the cafe for breakfast this was the first image I captured for the day- I felt it bode well for the day and it did!

After breakfast we went for a walk along Duval Street

Cigar stands are not uncommon which unfortunately means you are bound to get caught in th back draft of some bloke strolling along puffing on on of the suckers.

This is no longer a movie house but as the sign say- a Walgreens

I had to snap the sign then the guy from the store said he has stickers of the sign (very enterprising) so my mate Shirley will get her sticker sometime in the future. The story behind the surf and skate store according to our informant (the owner) is that his wife's name is Shirley and she can't surf as well as the play on words when asked "Surely there's no surf beach at Key West?" he can reply "I sell skateboards too and don't call me Shirley" or something along those lines. He told us according to his survey 90% of Shirley's can't surf and 70% can't swim.

I wanted to get the church without the power lines in front but the sun made it a bit more difficult.
The tree in front of the house is what made this more interesting to me.

There is a long history and story surrounding the Chicken Wars in Key West here's one link

A glimpse of Hemingway's house.

Strolling along Whitehead Street

Self explanatory marker!

Friday, February 19, 2010

From Marathon to Key West

We were lucky with the apartment we got to stay in in Marathon.

The rose of the table is not the welcome gift from the management but the "love token' in situ!

A view of the water from our living area and the bedrooms.

The "love token" made it to breakfast.

The views along the way were gorgeous.

The 7 mile bridge-the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. (Post cards are great for those little snippets of information!)

We had to fill in time before checking in to the hotel so had a long long lunch at Louie's Backyard


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Travel to the Keys

It was time to head out from South Beach and travel to the Florida Keys.
We chose the slow road.

the vegetation

The road

Some of the bird life on the way

More of the road

Our final destination for the day- Marathon