Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks Cheryl


Cheryl, Louise and I at the Shop and Crop evening. I managed to linger long enough to say I was there most of the day 1:30 until 10:30 with a break for dinner with Margie and Julia was a pretty good effort I feel.

Monday, April 5, 2010

From Zion UT to Las Vegas NV

This post could probably have been titled  "from this to this!" or even "from the sublime to the ridiculous" I had thought this would have been a good title Julia just as you made that comment in the car!

Our early start from Zion took us through amazing country
(we waited a little while before revealing to Margie and Julia that there was an hour time change between Utah and Nevada and we hadn't needed to leave quite so early!)

We went through the now familiar colour and contrasts of Zion National Park 

Taking drive by photos as we left.

We "climbed" through passes ......

following the ridge along the Virgin River.

Into open country with Joshua Trees.

Across vast plans and along open highways

Heading towards our destination for the day...

Las Vegas!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I think I have sent a postcard with this exact scene on it!

Our walk was just one on many one could make in Zion National Park. During our walk we came upon...

The babbling waters of the Virgin River.

Hanging gardens ( only a little in view here) and trickling water.

Swamp land

Grand vistas along the Virgin River

Quiet spaces
And well maintained paths which didn't intrude into the beauty of the area.

We found our way down to  and on to the river.

Making every effort to capture the beauty of the park.

Stopping to chat and photograph.

Others were more adventurous, gearing up with water proof boots, outfits and stout sticks.

Then heading out into the freezing waters of the river to make their way to Narrows Gorge.

Some just found a quiet spot to read the paper. (I have no idea who this elderly woman is).

On this escarpment ...... 
Can you see the blue dot? 
That's one of two people who must have woken this morning and thought...
"Let's climb the cliff face?!"

There were quite a few climbers out and up and about.

The most active we were was in our photography.

Deer  and....

squirrel ...were also seen!

It has been a truly glorious day and that was all on one of the many walks in Zion National Park.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From Page AZ to Zion UT

We left Page relatively early and headed out on US89 which took us over the dam in Page. Not sure if the dam created Lake Powell or merely enhanced its size but the views were glorious.

Not sure that it is where I'd like to spend my summer on a houseboat (give me Lake Eildon in Victoria) but it would be great for water skiiing.

The day's drive was through an ever changing landscape.

And then in to Zion National Park.

The next series of signs had me wondering what did people do in the area surrounding Lake Powell?!

And our friendly ranger at Zion National Park Gate.

And finally.... a family joke....
buffalo were also seen!

From Monument Valley to Page, Arizona

It was a fairly leisurely start to the day and managed to say farewell to Monument Valley - even had a quick shop at the trading post in Gouldings.
In the end not a very long journey to Page, Arizona.

The changing countryside continued to remind us of Australia mainly the area of flat land with salt bush dotted around.

The other thing that reminded me of Australia, in part, was some of the housing that is on Navajo land. Single small houses in seemingly barren empty areas.

The blue sky and fluffy clouds made for great opportunities to photograph.

We arrived in Page and found our hotel. Settled down for a bit of a rest and then out to dinner, what we hadn't realized was that we hadn't changed our clocks to Arizona time and so were an hour early for everything including dinner. It didn't make any difference to us it has merely confused us.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monument Valley

How many times can one photograph the same view? 

Thousands it would seem. 

 The photos of the glorious sights in Monument Valley do not do it justice.

The play of light prompted photos

Giving everything a "new" photographing opportunity

Thank goodness we went on a tour as the road would have made our journey through a bit tricky as well as the fact that we went off the beaten track and saw and heard some greater details of the area from our Navajo guide Carlos.

We had time in the morning for our March Happiness Project meeting.

What a spot to talk about being happy.