Sunday, February 10, 2013

After the storm

Spent Saturday working indoors pretty much however i did venture out in the evening to meet up with my scrapbooking buddies.
This lovely snowman was on 19th Street.

The water tanks covered in snow

The new venue for us is a dance studio- just trying to set up a process for using the place is interesting.

Neighbours in a hotel room used their window sill as a freezer- that's ice cream on the window ledge.

West 48th Street at 8:30am

Just love the juxtaposition of the fiery screen and the snow topped statue of George M Cohan.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trying to control the cubicle in my pocket by...LIVING!

Control the Cubicle in Your Pocket

Managing time is a pervasive, widespread struggle. Many of us walk around with a cubicle in our pocket, and we always have the feeling that we should be working, or could be working—or we actually are working! At home, this constant pull toward work can distract us from the people to whom we want to give our time and attention.

The real problem isn’t the switch on our computers, but the switch in our minds.

You have to make your own rules to control the cubicle in your pocket, because your work, family situation, and technology challenge is different from everyone else’s. But to get you started consider these suggestions:

Create time periods each day when you don’t check email or connect to the internet.

In particular, don’t check email at bedtime.

If possible, do your most demanding mental work in the morning, before the day’s distractions kick in.

Give yourself a “quitting time” each day, after which you do no more work .That way, you give yourself a sense of true leisure.

Resolve to “Control the cubicle in your pocket.” Remember, technology is a good servant, but a bad master.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doing things I love

 We met in the lobby of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons on 23rd Street to ....take a 40-minute free tour of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, an ancient fraternal/spiritual organization. An online reviewer described the lodge, located on W. 23rd St., as "one of the most spectacular buildings I have ever seen!" After the tour we'll have lunch, possibly walk the Highline (weather and time permitting), and visit some of the most interesting art galleries in Chelsea.
 Unfortunately for me in terms of the rest of the walk the tour took so long that it wasn't feasible for me to go onto the galleries or the Highline.

Instead I left the group on 23rd Street and headed home and then off to Paris cinema on 58th Street to see Quartet. What a treat of a movie. We settled into the theatre trying to warm up after waiting out in the chilling wind on 58th street. The movie soon warmed us and made us laugh and cry.
The "G" stand for geometry- nothing can be built without geometry

It was snowing when we came out of the theatre and so scuttled across to the Plaza Hotel in an effort to find warmth and dinner.
It was not to be after a brief review of the food hall under the hotel we nabed two cabs (five don't fit in one cab) and we headed to Ktchn a restaurant on 42nd Street. Yet another treat.
 Fabulous food, service, company and a lovely meal.

But wait there was more. We went on to sing at Marie's Crisis

So four things i love in one day...

1. Getting to know New York City

2. Movies

3. Dinner with friends

4. Singing 

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Love Month begins!

Where did January go!?

And here it is... the Love Month! On February 1 2010 a teacher greeted me with a rosebud (silk/fake) saying "Because it's the love month" I blogged about it then ...

That is how one of the teacher's greeted me first thing on February 1. She then presented me with the little rose in the little heart covered cup. She also gave me a chocolate rose- that was scoffed fairly quickly.
And now going back into the Happiness Project I know the focus is Remember Love so that is what I am going to do... my Calendar Challenge page has that focus. 

One of my goals/resolutions for the year is about communication so communicating about what I love and with those I love can be an especial focus.