Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks goodness I have MY job!

Sitting working on getting my next "page" done with the scrap booking class I could hear scraping sounds. Finally realized it was the workers who are "fixing" the balconies" on the building. The work has been going on for months (about 6 at least). So I looked out my window to see what they were doing and my first reaction was "thank goodness I have MY job not theirs!" It wasn't the height so much, that's bad enough, I'm on the 37th Floor, but the cold and the work itself.
Sanding off concrete while perched in this thing that they lower themselves in. On one balcony above them there was a clamp holding something in place- my first thought "Whose head could that fall on?"
At some stage these same people will be working on getting our balcony "fixed" although it was probably these same guys who were busy sanding the neighboring balcony back in September and the building management hadn't let us know the consequence was fine cement dust throughout Sue;s bedroom and over her computer in particular.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I just don't get it...

There are signs and posters everywhere and many I understand and can in some cases even applaud their message but this one has me puzzled. In an effort to empower women and encourage boys and men to respect them whoever put this campaign together has managed to link eating vegetables and doing homework with respecting women. I do understand what underlies the theme of it should be automatic and unquestioned but to my thinking it is a long way off the mark.
Having seen this on the way to work I pulled out my camera and photographed it then as I was walking past the phone booth I looked back to see what was on the other side and it was a poster that did exactly the opposite that is it disrespected women. I guess that was going to be a given as it was advertising after all.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Saturday Philosophy Club

....with acknowledgment of the work of Alexander McCall Smith. Today was the first meeting of our Saturday Philosophy. Julia Margie and I met for coffee at a funny little diner on Madison Avenue. It was funny and little but its prices certainly weren't.
A short walk to the School of Practical Philosophy and we were entering the world of thinking or at least trying to "Know Thyself".
The "teacher" needed to heed his wife's advice and allow others to have room in the conversation. But we are embracing the concept that one should neither accept nor reject everything but to ruminate and decide. So a little more thought and reflection and I'll be able to make a bit more sense of what he was saying.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The best part of a week....

It's Friday afternoon and the weekend has not quite begun and the week is just finishing. It is the best moment in the week- I have yet to waste any of those precious hours of free choice and don't have any worries (yet) about the week that has gone and the week that is about to begin. It's such a free moment really.... and what have I chosen to do? Get stuck into my blog
The weeks continue to fly by- it is nearly the end of January and it is difficult to believe that the school year is practically "half over". That being the case I have reports to write and work to plan and even better still holidays to organize and think about.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's getting ridiculous....

The days go by and still I don't bother to post here. If my goal for the year is to get this happening I actually have to visit the site and do something!!!
The journey home from our meeting involved changing trains. Between us we managed to catch the express train and change at 42nd St to the local train. A very short quick walk through to the apartment building and a trip in the elevator that ended up being a "local" journey making6 stops before getting to the 37th floor and home.
Cool now so perhaps snow is on the way.