Sunday, December 29, 2013

To Taos and back again

We had a great day  traveling to Taos. Last time I went there (with Sue and Tiina- 2005) the pueblo was shut.

This time on the way it clouded over and we were driving through snow.

We drove to the bridge over the Rio Grande and were lucky enough to see white tailed deer on the way. ( Thanks Michelle Houghton- they were mountain goats- bad info from the guide :)

The gorge of the river in indeed "grande". I have seen the river before close up when we went ballooning in Albuquerque in 2008 (?).

We then drove to Taos pueblo and Dene took us into the church and left us with a map to roam. It is a small area easy to roam around. The snow on the adobe made for one great photo after another.

After our stroll in the snow we headed back into Taos and had lunch and a stroll around then back in the car to Santa Fe. I took ages to get warm last night but did finally.

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scrapweaver said...

Celia your photos are stunning. you were lucky enough to see mountain goats! Those are not deer. What an amazing sight so cool you caught them!