Saturday, October 18, 2014

The gang got together

Friday nights in our early days in NYC gave Tiina, Sue and I the chance to "debrief"after a week in schools in a place far from Victoria Australia. We'd travel from our different parts of the city Tiina the Upper Eastside, Sue Midtown and me Bay Ridge Brooklyn. We'd try out different places and be absolutely exhausted. Some things don't change- we were still exhausted but the places we used to go have either closed or changed to some other restaurant/bar

On Friday night we got together at a new place that Bernadette found for us- Bathtub Gin 

We had a fabulous time and went on to have dinner elsewhere. So that was Friday night done and dusted.

Saturday lunch was spent helping Sheena celebrate her birthday at Stella 34 a restaurant in Macys. Good food, good company and a great view.

Then off to the theatre to see a fantastic piece of theatre.

Wow the staging as well as the acting was brilliant

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