Sunday, October 19, 2014

Travel to USVI

 The day began early with the ever reliable Franklin picking me up at 48th Street and this time to JFK for an 8:30 flight to St Thomas.
Today was a new airline- Delta. I have to say it was speedy to check in and then to get through security.
It was good to have large glasses of water and a tiny snack offered. That's all I really needed and then my bag was there- what more could one need.
 I've chosen to stay again at Bluebeards Castle Hilltop Villas. Not only are they reasonable priced, the views of St Thomas Harbor are fabulous. I came to check in with a little trepidation given the experience I had last time. This time it was such a different experience. Admittedly it was different personnel and she welcomed me back and couldn't be more helpful. 

The blue sky and the cloud patterns are fantastic.

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