Sunday, November 22, 2015

Travel on your birthday...'s a must! Well it has been a must for me over the past 10+ years all because I moved to NYC and my birthday happens around Thanksgiving. What is the point of taking just two days for Thanksgiving when you can combine it with a few more days and a couple of weekends and voila a nice little vacation time to use to celebrate.
The day began beautifully with a perfectly prepared breakfast- in bed no less. Then whilst I finished my packing and ablutions the others tidied the apartment we were staying in and hit the road.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon rim and walked to the Grand Canyon Village- a little further than we anticipated so two hours later we arrived and were particularly ready for lunch. :).
The first time I went to the Grand Canyon I wasn't particularly in awe- I don't know what it was- the weather, the light something...
This time the light was right and the colours splendid. I think perhaps the long walk gave a greater perspective to the size of the Canyon.

 The shot above has the group out on the rocks that you can see zoomed in on in the photo on the right.
Throughout our walk along the rim we and others and commented on the numbers of folk who risked life and limb in such ridiculous journeys out on to perilous rocky outcrops.

The more I look at this shot of the Grand Canyon I think of Albert Namatjira's glorious paintings...and I have to say it is my favourite photo of the day.

By the time we reached Monument valley it was dark but the morning vistas from our room were so so splendid....

Add we saw the sunrise...

From our room's balcony!

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A great Birthday !