Saturday, November 21, 2015


We started out after breakfast in our rooms, gathering up the bits we couldn't eat then to keep for our breakfast the next day. First stop after checkout was the car hire place- I've never seen such a large car hire area- it was like another whole airport lounge with so many care hire companies. In a one minute survey 25 people passed me as I guarded the luggage :).
Our large car fitted all we needed water, cases, cameras, snacks and off along the highway from Phoenix to Sedona we set with the assistance of the onboard GPS and the 70's radio station to sing along with.
We made it to Sedona early afternoon found our accommodation and went to explore a small shopping center with the necessary lunch venue.

After lunch we shopped a little and did a bit of hunting and gathering in Whole Foods finally settling in to our glorious accommodation with these splendid views. We were nestled down in time for the sunset. 

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Michele Meehan said...

Thought I sent this
'Looks fabulous ! Happy birthday you are already 63 here!