Friday, June 20, 2014

Day one Edinburgh!

 It was a bit of a flurry leaving NYC for the start of the journey.
The choices of places to travel to have been decided by a range of factors
 Michele's biennial Infant Mental Health conference in Edinburgh
the cruise of the Baltic for Anne Marie's birthday
the trip to Burgundy for Sharan's birthday- I'm not complaining mind you :)

 An overnight flight to Edinburgh from NYC- note to self make sure you notify the bank that you are going to be accessing your account- luckily I had enough USD to get the taxi into the hotel Michele was staying at.

Even though it was 11am here my body was saying you have only had at most 4 hours sleep and it is 6am and you've been awake far too long I still headed out on the trek. First to the Edinburgh Art Centre which was a lovely artistic start and view of both art in Scotland but also of the city itself and some "coverage" of history.

We walked round and round the centre of the city. Part of the round and round was in search of a pharmacy looking for sunscreen. The last thing I thought of needing in Scotland and the last thing the Scots thought we'd need too :). 19C & 20C temperatures and they are complaining of the heat. 

Grassmarket provided a little respite from the walking- steps and hills.

Looking down to Grassmarket from a a different nearby angle.

The cliffs!

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