Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In my UnPlanner


So you are going to take a photo every day for this year. That is at least 365 photos. What will you do with those photos? Will they stay on your computer or in your camera? Let me encourage you to begin now to think about all the different options for getting those photos off the camera and into your hands. You can make a book, you can make prints, you can frame them. You get the idea. Just do it!! It is such a great feeling when you see them printed out and it is so fun to watch how your photography changes and grows!

The prompt for the 365 asks about what are you gonna do with the photos...last year I embraced the Documented Life Project with the unPlanner and in the end i did make it my own. Each week I pasted and painted and created pages in which the photos from Capture Your 365 could be posted and I made pages opposite that were art journaling opportunities and making emotional connections and thinking connections. It's a lovely record of the year and so i am making it again this year but as the UnDocumented Life has finished forever (and 2017) I am making it my own and loving it...all 1.5 weeks :). 

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