Monday, January 2, 2017

One word

The photo is taken from my seat in the plane on the way back to NYC.

Every year I select a word as my "through word". This year it is MIND

verb (used with object)
to pay attention to.
to heed or obey (a person, advice, instructions, etc.).
to apply oneself or attend to: to mind one's own business.
to look after; take care of; tend: to mind the baby.
to be careful, cautious, or wary about: Mind what you say.
to feel concern at; care about.
to feel disturbed or inconvenienced by; object to (usually used in negative or interrogative constructions): Would you mind handing me that book?

verb (used without object)
to pay attention.
to obey.
to take notice, observe, or understand (used chiefly in the Imperative) : Mind now, I want you home by twelve.
to be careful or wary.
to care, feel concern, or object (often used in negative or interrogative constructions): Mind if I go? Don't mind if I do.
to regard a thing as concerning oneself or as mattering: You mustn't mind about their gossiping.
(in a human or other conscious being) the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc.:
the processes of the human mind.
Psychology. the totality of conscious and unconscious mental processes and activities.
intellect or understanding, as distinguished from the faculties of feeling and willing; intelligence.
a particular instance of the intellect or intelligence, as in a person.
a person considered with reference to intellectual power: the greatest minds of the twentieth century.
intellectual power or ability.
reason, sanity, or sound mental condition: to lose one's mind.
bear /keep in mind, to remember: Bear in mind that the newspaper account may be in error.
blow one's mind, Slang.
to change one's perceptions, awareness, etc., as through the useof drugs or narcotics.
to overwhelm a person with intense excitement, pleasure,astonishment, or dismay:
Cool jazz really blows my mind.
cross one's mind, to occur suddenly to one:
A disturbing thought crossed her mind.
give someone a piece of one's mind, Informal. to rebuke,reprimand, or scold sharply:
I'll give him a piece of my mind for telling such a lie!
have a good mind to, to feel tempted or inclined to:
I have a good mind to leave you here all alone.
have half a mind to, to be almost decided to; be inclined to.
know one's own mind, to be firm in one's intentions, opinions, or plans; have assurance:

Plenty to help my stay focused on the moment really.

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