Saturday, April 2, 2016


I don't think scrapbooking is a shallow pursuit in fact there is a depth to the whole task that many do not recognize.
Having created a photo using shallow depth of field I wanted this post to focus on the not so shallow thing that is scrapbooking here are some reasons why I believe there is great depth  to the "hobby" of scrapbooking...
  • Photos should have a place beyond the computer, the phone or the little envelopes they come in from the photo developers, but scrapbooking means I do something with some of them, give them a context and some thought.
  • I scrapbook with my own way but I rely on the talents of others to help me develop my style and in the process of doing that I find out more about myself.
  • By creating scrapbook pages I have the opportunity to recall, tell and create the stories of my days and travels, big picture to the minutiae  of life.
  • My photography has improved with the examination of the pieces I choose to put in my scrapbook- what worked, what didn't work, how it could be a better shot or tell more on my story. It doesn't matter which camera my DSLR or iphone.
  • Being systematic with scrapbooking, having challenges I participate in helps me reflect on what I've been doing or plan to do.
  • There's nothing better than the mind space that scrapbooking gives you getting caught up in the moment and the chance cutting of the papa\er, the selection of pieces and the filling of the space
  • Finding ones' creative space and ones' own style is a chance to find out more about yourself.
  • By scrapbooking I've managed to gather a great momento of my life here in NYC and the travel I have done.
  • Not that one needs one but it gives one an excuse to shop for lovely things like paper and stamps and washi tape and bits and pieces that are lovely to explore
  • Apart from anything else it is such grand fun especially if you are as lucky as me to be part of two fantastic groups of women the wonderful women i have met here in NYC and the group of women I get to occasionally work and play with in Melbourne.
Just a few of the reasons I think scrapbooking isn't a shallow experience/occupation.

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