Friday, April 8, 2016

Where I stand...

West Farms is a residential neighborhood in a west central part of The Bronx, New York City, also known as the northeast corner of the South Bronx. Naomi Campbell's faceted glass windscreen panels feature animals in a variety of postures and settings. The viewer notices complex compositions with layers of color and texture that place the animals in a lush settings. The location of the work at the West Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue station is not coincidental; nearby is the world-famous Bronx Zoo. The artist says that she considers Animal Tracks to be an integration of her past involvement in animal sciences with her art and "a step toward the unity and community feeling paramount to our steps in the future." Animal Tracks serves as an introduction to the zoo to visitors just arriving at the station, and a reminder of the trip to those heading home.

The art of the subway stops is always a joy to add to one's day. So at the station I spend some time I have now managed to do what i advised Michele to do with her blog...a little research about place i want to post about :).