Thursday, April 14, 2016


Some subway journeys are more vibrant than another ... This one was way too vibrant...
There were two homeless people begging at separate times one a woman with a soft voice just wanting food and then a louder man who was apparently 23 and had no job and was normally not engaged in this type of thing. His wife was incarcerated on 5 felony charges and he and his six year old daughter were now looking for another shelter the fourth they have been to. I didn't know there was a shelter on Park Avenue. 
There was a tall gangly man in a corner  seat near the door who spent time sleeping and then chose to get up and go and stand between the carriages and return to the compartment. Too scary to think what he was doing. 
He had been sitting next to an elderly couple I presume they were a couple because they were practically sitting on top of each other to avoid making contact with the gangly man I suspect. They each wore a beret and were engrossed in crossword (him) and sudoku (her).

The woman next to me admired the woman next to her's nails. They were long and quite ugly I thought but the first woman talked about them at length so the lady with the nails proceeded to talk about the history of her nail growth and the wonderful woman in the Bronx who does them for her. They both got out there cell phones and they exchanged the name and number of the salon. The nails only cost $36 despite the fact that we're were eight jewels on each of her index fingers. 
Students were engaged in loud conversations nothing of which made sense to me but we could hear the cacophony of it all adding to the vibrancy of the train journey.

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