Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crossing Guard

School Crossing guards work near most of the schools I go to. Some are better than others- more diligent, more friendly.

This one is lovely.

According to websites...School Crossing Guards help children safely cross busy intersections on their way to and from school. School Crossing Guards control traffic flow around schools in the morning, at lunch time and at the end of the school day.
They are Civilian part time employees of the NYPD. The pay starts at $11.79 per hour and $13.83 an hour after three years. If they work 20+ hours a week they get health benefits.
There are no formal education or experience requirements for the job, but all candidates must be able to understand and be understood in English.
They must pass a qualifying medical examination, which includes drug screening and a character/background investigation, prior to appointment. And must also complete six (6) days of training at the Police Academy once appointed. She is out there in all weathers and always smiling.

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