Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You gotta park it somewhere! I finally got around to doing the return on the modem to Time Warner Cable who had sent me two by mistake. It was a free upgrade of modem and bless his cotton socks Andrew with the assistance of Nick and the TWC chat line had sorted it out for me. All I had to do was return the old one but also had to return the extra one. I schlepped two lightish but largish boxes to UPS at Staples on 8th and 48th only to realize as I thumped them down on the counter that it wasn't UPS that TWC use but rather  Fed Ex. Having established that Fed Ex was on 47th and 6th I headed off cursing the f*&%ing tourists and got to the store without my eyes going completely crazy from the allergens. On my way home a police woman dismounted from her horse and then led the horse into the car park (parking garage for my US reader). I'm not sure whether she was parking the horse or finding a loo or getting water for the horse or who knows!

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