Friday, May 13, 2016

On a bench or a bar even ...

Barb arrived and we headed out for a drink at her favourite bar Lillie's. Unfortunately Friday night at around 6 is not the best time to do such things- post work crowds filled the place so we headed for 46th Street in search of a bar she thought she knew that had cars in it.  Well that was a futile effort really. However we happened upon Barbetta. 

Barbetta, having celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2006, is the oldest restaurant in New York that is still owned by the family that founded it. Barbetta is also the oldest Italian restaurant in New York, and the oldest restaurant in New York's Theatre District.
This three-fold distinction makes this historic restaurant a landmark among New York restaurants. Its landmark status has been recognized by the prestigious and highly selective Locali Storici d'Italia, which has designated Barbetta a Locale Storico (Historic Establishment,) the only restaurant in America to have been so named. Founded in 1906 by Sebastiano Maioglio, Barbetta is now owned by his daughter, Laura Maioglio.

The barman Gus was so Manuel-ian but older and charming. The cash register is an original and only registers to $9.96 or there about. It fills one corner of the bar. Barb's account of the event is linked here.

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