Saturday, December 24, 2016

Erik Gronborg

Erik Gronborg has been ahead of his time in many ways over the years. So says a newspaper article about this fantastic talent.

 He has been around for years- like since the '60s and has this broad oeuvre of work that was gloriously displayed in the Mingei Gallery in Balboa Park, San Diego.

 For over half a century, he's been quietly working as a sculptor, ceramicist and woodworker. Much of his work, while often instinctive and improvised, takes an extraordinary amount of patience and precision to construct. In his living room are masterful, avocado wood chairs and a coffee table that looks as if it belongs in a museum.

 Most people know him as a ceramic artist, but some of his other works have never been shown. Ceramics are part of his story, but they're not the whole story. His ceramics truly captured my imagination.

Creating art to make domesticity more brilliant and spirited. 

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