Saturday, December 10, 2016

 On my way to Macys I came across my first santa for Santa Con in NYC for this year.
A SantaCon is a gathering of people dressed as Santa and if it's open to the public. Traditionally, SantaCon is free to attend, however, some events have costs that need to be covered and the organizers ask for a contribution. Others are held in support of a good cause and also have a mandatory contribution. lists all SantaCons without prejudice.

On my way to the Union Square Market I saw the Hillary Therapy Wall.
After the success of Subway Therapy's sticky note confession wall in the 14th Street/6th Avenue tunnel, which gave thousands of New Yorkers a small outlet to express their post-election grief, confusion, and fears, two copycat walls sprung up in other train stations.
Union Square has a version of the sticky note wall now, which popped up earlier this week and has taken over entire sections of the station, including two entrances, since appearing. Messages range from denunciations of conservative policies and Donald Trump's racism to calls to action, like a note that says "White women, wake up your blind friends" and another that says "It's not the end of the world, it's time to take action."
A few contrarians have posted sticky notes as well, including a multi-note essay that reads:
This election proves how stupid people in this country really are. If you didn't want Trump then you should of been protesting the day he announced he was running. I am not a supporter of Trump or Hillary. They are both toxic to the country. If you want change, become a leader yourself and stand up for justice, equality, and liberty. Stop complaining.
Others have posted notes in response, like "Protesting is our legal right!" and "We did protest, no one listened, so now we take the streets."

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