Friday, January 11, 2013

Does it make me a visual learner or a kinsthetic learner?

 I was heading to somewhere I have never been before in the Bronx.
I did the usual triple check of where it was and where I needed to go- the usual being looked the address up on line, tried to place it on a map using map quest; checked it out on my phone map and the subway map; checked it out on hopstop and planned to leave with plenty of time to get lost!

I can guarantee if I come out of the subway and decide that left is the way to turn then I should turn right. Even when the hopstop directions tell me to turn left I should know to turn right as i have probably come out of a different entrance from the one they think I have.

Al my map research had a big green patch in the middle that is Yankee Stadium. I had to go somewhere on the other side.
 I have yet to go to a game at the new Yankee Stadium- I know shock horror! But one would think I would have pictured in my mind when looking at the map that Yankee Stadium would be right where I came out of the subway especially as i was getting off the subway at Yankee Stadium (the name of the stop!).
But no I was busy trying to figure out which direction to go looking at and searching for street names close up and in the distance.
For goodness sakes Celia look to your right! There is Yankee Stadium, looming up into the sky, the  great Colosseum of baseball filling the vista!

All I had to do was walk around the stadium, a very pleasant, short walk past the homages to Babe Ruth and along clean and broad pathways, to the other side of the stadium.

Then I crossed a road ensuring that I wasn't run over by traffic- always tricky when cars drive on the wrong side of the road.  It is easier to cross the road in midtown because of all the one way streets and avenues. The old "look to the right look to the left look to the right again", traffic safety mantra is all wrong here and bound to get me killed.
Then there was a walk up a steep Bronx hill and huffing and puffing I arrived at the school.
It is an easy and pleasant walk despite the need for oxygen at the school entrance.
So why couldn't I see that that was what I needed to do when I  looked at the maps? I now have no trouble picturing where I need to go.
What type of learner does that make me?

One needs to look very closely at this picture.
The road does indeed drop away and one has a very pleasant view into the distance.
The hill is a good one!

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Michele said...

Many a time I have learnt the value of taking my head out of the map and look around!!