Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In search of a new home

Things are changing both in work and at home and so the time has come to find a new place to live, that I can afford and by myself.
It hasn't been too fraught actually other than thinking about what I can afford.

I finally found this one in the same building- i don't want to leave this lovely building- it is so close to everything including the subways which is important for work- and there are a few friends living in the building so that there is a bit of a feeling of community.

It has a view which is different from the one I have and has the lights and action that the current apartment has. 

The bedroom looks out over Broadway (well a slither of it). I can still see Ellen's diner.

The living space is large so dining and lounging areas can be created as well as a view of the quintessential sight of New York.... water towers.

Very excited about this!

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