Sunday, January 20, 2013

Enjoying the journey

At Christmas they had an interactive display

Walking to the Upper East side along Broadway
One could almost feel Parisienne

This live cat is in the window of a dog grooming store. It is of course a very sunny spot.

 The class I was going to was ...
Work on a large canvas 16"x20" and create a mixed media painting, quilt style, representing what is in your heart and dreams.  How can you represent yourself and your family through an exploratory painting ….including small snippets of your life? We will work on a loose grid to create our painting.
We will explore many mixed media techniques, including painting on unprimed canvas, vintage fabric and crinoline.

Our home is where our art is….
This one is mine

I have never painted or worked on canvas before so in the "Live" year i am embracing all things as best i can and this is my production.... not sure where it's going to go in the new apartment:)

It is a statement about me.
Chi's work. she is amazing.

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