Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The move...

 The time had come... to leave 37B ... it's been home for 6 years but time and changing work has meant I needed to find a one bedroom place.

Getting the packing done was a gradual process.

Some things weren't going to the new apartment. Packing the kitchen and the books was slow but steady work. 

Finding places to stack the boxes was important

 The shiny clean new apartment went from this lovely shiny-ness

 To a cluttered view of boxes and unplaced items

 But by 5pm all was in place in the kitchen , the lounge area and the bedroom.

All that is left is to hang the pictures and get the cable on and the final lot of books on the shelves.

Very pleased with the apartment and .... myself!


Michele said...

Looks good wel done

Celia said...

Thank you- looks even better with the pictures up and in place. Amazing how things on the wall absorb that echo-y sound. As well as adding to the comfort of the place.

elteee said...

What a cute apartment! I can't believe you did it all in one day. I'm sure I would have still had a box or two, lol.

a friend from Willowing

Terry said...

I love your new apartment! The view must be amazing.