Saturday, January 12, 2013

Keeping up with the mixed media art journal

I walked up to 89th Street to Michele Luxemburg's craft apartment out of which she has her Little Bird Creations meetup.

In savouring the moments along the way I refrained from sampling and savouring the Saturday special other than to photograph the sign and check that it did indeed have peanut butter, banana and chocolate on the "wafel".

What a gem Michele is, kind, generous, enthusiastic and gorgeous. On this particular occasion the project we/I were/was working on was the 2013 Calendar challenge....

Here is the description for these classes... an ongoing project called the "2013 Calendar Challenge". For those of you who follow the absolutely fabulous Kate Crane's blog, "The Kathryn Wheel", you know that she creates a layout for each month of the year and fills in small tidbits of information for each day of the month as an ongoing project. At the end of the year, she has a beautiful art journal that she is able to look back through and remember important events that happened during the year and also all of the wonderful art supplies and products she created with.
Included (for a small fee) in these particular meetups will be full use of my paints, sprays, stencils and stamps. You can register for any of them. It is not mandatory to register for all of them. Just sign up for whichever dates you think you'd like to attend. I have enough room and supplies for 12 at each meetup and if they become sold out, I will offer an additional date that month - so please, no need to worry or feel pressured about spending money ahead of time as I know we are all budget conscious.
We'll create our pages together - usually one month in advance. For example: we will work on the background for January's layout in December. In January, we will work on February's layout..etc..etc.  If you feel like jumping ahead to do other months on your own, that's great! These Calendar Challenge dates are just for us to work together on this particular project and share tips, ideas, artwork, etc.
And - even though the title of this series has the word "Challenge" in it - please don't fret. As always, there will be no judging, deadlines, etc. I just threw that word in there to MOTIVATE us to keep up with this fun project.

From that description you can see what I mean about generous!  The time flew!
I didn't want to do the loads of hearts and red that is often associated with February but did want the theme to be the "love" month acknowledging that aspect of the Happiness Project and having a theme for the month. My love month focus is on what I love. The list above the image is the start of the list of things I love.

On the walk back to the subway I passed Brooks Brothers and the picture and window dressing caught my eye. And so a little research later I am a little wiser about the photos...

American clothier Brooks Brothers recently spotlighted it’s relationship with American presidents on its website.  Brooks Brothers was started in 1818 as H. & D.H. Brooks & Co. in New York City before being renamed Brooks Brothers in 1850 when it was taken inherited by its owner’s three sons.
Many people would probably guess that Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter might have dressed from Brooks Brothers, but they might not know Brooks Brothers has been associated with the presidential office and the US military back to 1860s.  In 1861, future president and then-Quartermaster of the Army Chester A. Arthur placed an order with Brooks Brothers for 300 Union regiment overcoats. Then-General Ulysses S. Grant was also fond of the having his uniform tailored by Brooks Brothers.  In later years, Theodore Roosevelt would have his dress uniform for the Spanish-American War ordered from Brooks Brothers.
Even a somewhat fashionably bland Abraham Lincoln purchased a black frock coat from Brooks Brothers which he wore to his second inauguration.  This may have influenced the belief that black is only appropriate for servants and funerals, as Lincoln would wear the same frock coat at the time of his assassination.
Only one president since then seems to have openly refused Brooks Brothers help.  During the 1980 election, George H.W. Bush was accused of being a “Brooks Brothers Republican” to which he opened his jacket point out he was wearing a J. Press suit.

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