Saturday, July 2, 2016


A different type of stoop on 120th Street
 I finally got myself organized enough and it was finally cool enough to do it and I walked from home to the crop with Cheryl and the gang. This meant I walked along 120th Street as I initially intended to catch a cab but my bag wasn't too heavy (it was by the time I got there) and a nice light breeze buoyed my spirits and my sense of purpose.  It was in fact an easy 20-25 minute walk which I should begin to do to catch the train to work and it will give me a whole new aspect on my walk to work photos.
Finally Deanne returned the bridal shower fascinator and Louise was very happy.
We finally made it into the kitchen at Cheryl's work  to celebrate Louise and Sandie's birthdays. Sandie didn't make it so there was all the more ice-cream pie for Louise to enjoy.
It was truly an amazing thing to share.
 The ice-cream pie had a chocolate pie crust a layer of vanilla ice-cream a thin layer of caramel fudge and then a vanilla ice-cream a topping layer of caramel fudge with pecans.

I finalized my trip to the kitchen with a couple of photos :)

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