Sunday, July 17, 2016


 What does one do to cool down after a hot hot day?
How does one get to sleep?
When the air conditioners do little not even circulate the air enough to feel cooler.
When the management office of the apartment block says they can't get the air conditioners fixed until Tuesday and this is Friday with the hot weekend coming up.
Not happy folks.
So relief comes in the form of a cool shower and heading to bed just slightly damp, window wide open (thank goodness we removed the guards so they can be opened completely).

Memories of hot nights as a in particular. I'm lying in my bed at the back of the house and Mrs Marriott came to visit for some reason. I was whinging about being hot I guess and she said put your legs outside the sheets to allow yourself to be cool.

How things I just fling the sheet off!

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