Sunday, July 10, 2016

The new environs

 Getting my crafting done is a bonus on the weekend and Sunday is a good day to do it.
Summer is a good time to take advantage of the fine weather early in the morning heading off with my camera and capturing different aspects from the Walk to Work photos I've been posting on Facebook.

Having walked last Saturday along 120th Street to the crafting evening I decided to head back along that way and walk through different parts of the neighborhood.
One for my collection of photos of "Stoop Sitters"

 The variety in architecture on the buildings in Harlem is fabulous.
People are out and about having brunch and early morning coffee

 The walk through Marcus Garvey Park was interesting and I certainly won't go back to one particular part which was the drug distribution area with I'd say 6-8 dealers marking out their spots at the top of the hill...very silent for the number of people there just waiting...
 The Richard Rogers stage all ready for the Shakespearean theatre piece which would have been rained out on Saturday night I suspect.
The park also has a large pool with life guards and an area for "beach volley ball".
Harlem has its very own Flatiron building on the corner of St Nicholas Avenue and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, just around the corner from our new home.

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