Thursday, February 18, 2016


... sunshine is what I expected but wasn't expecting wind and more wind. 
I guess I could start a travel blog giving reviews of locales and places to and downs but it is so much more fun just to tell it how it is when one gets to a place and finds things that one hadn't expected. 

The journey started early this morning... like 5am and now I am relaxing in Fort Lauderdale in anticipation of a three day Art Fest with the gloriously talented Dina Wakley and Dyan Reavley.

Trying to keep the costs down has meant getting accommodation for the night before the days begin in order to maximize the experience and arrive on time for the 10:45am start. Accessing accommodation that I can afford, in this case I'm using points. Nice! So is it "biting the hand that feeds one" or something like that, to be critical?

 I kinda expected a hotel called "a beach resort and suites" to be on/next to the is over the road, a road that is having major road works done to it... at least the road crew is further down the road but the dust isn't...over the road from a number of high rise apartments... the high rise apartments are on the beach front ...

At the beach..there were two dudes dominating the beach one driving an enormous sand moving vehicle and the other in a ride on mower shaped and sized vehicle, racing each other up and down the beach under the pretense of beach beautification! But the coconut shrimp at the Tiki Bar were good.

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