Monday, February 8, 2016


 In uploading my photos I realized I'd forgotten about the wonderful light that I saw and it seems captured yesterday morning. It looked so golden and I managed to capture it and the reflection intensifies the goldenness.

 Another discovery today was making enough risotto to make a few lunches. I hope when i open the risotto at work tomorrow I discover a microwave to heat it up in.
A discovery I'd really like to make is how to use blogger more easily trying to shift photos and text around isn't terribly easy but I digress...
I looked at the Capture your 365 for a bit of an idea of what to do for discover and it reminded me of the joy I had when i discovered my plants were in flower. Mind you the plants I have most luck with are cacti and bamboo.

This little plant was a "house warming gift" and is another succulent and I've managed to keep it growing :).
In photographing these plants I got better images using the self timer even with hand held camera...hmmm, why is this?

This morning looking at one of the prompts/ challenges for the week with my art journaling...
The prompt for this month is about Love without Hesitation and this week Taking the Leap. So while reading one of the "teachers" prompts and looking at an image she's using...she wrote
I decided to sketch what I envision "free falling" looks and feels like - taking that leap and falling with wild abandon!
My response to myself... ""I decided to sketch???" I'm out of my league here!" I laughed out loud at myself...but then I got up and got on with my day and completed my own take on Taking the Leap- I took the leap and actually love how it has turned out. Thanks Picasso :), I discovered ways to get the task done.

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