Friday, February 5, 2016

Silky soft?

Not exactly... More like wet and slushy that was the morning commute.
Getting out onto this platform was actually a relief. It was one of the few times on the subway that I felt particularly threatened by another passenger. Fortunately it was near the end of the journey. I was sitting minding my own business doing some emails and packed up my phone ready to disembark at the next but one stop so was gazing through the window opposite. The passenger sitting to the left of the window chose that time in which to start whistling so I glanced at him, he had sunglasses on so no idea if he looked at me but next thing I know he is quietly but aggressively, as the kids would say "holding up his ride ringer" resting his arm along his leg so that said finger could be left erect presumably until I noticed it. So I tried to not let him know I had noticed. He then waved his other hand to catch my attention. I continued to avoid acknowledging that I had seen said gesture. My added fear was that I had to walk past him and that he would trip me up but fortunately when I stood up he tucked his feet back. I have to say a frisson of fear was running through me. Consequently I was truly pleased to emerge into the platform and well out of that space. 

Another subway story was enacted on my cummerbund last night. At one of the Bronx stops a group of middle schoolers got onto the train along with their after school teachers. They were loud and goofing around with the central pole. The smaller boy in the group was obviously the class clown and was doing his interpretation of a pole dancer. The two loudest ended up sitting either side of me. They were funny and amusing each other in a harmless way. At one point we went through an area where there were bright lights for the repairs of the subway line. My friend the class clown leapt up from beside me shouting "the lightings perfect" and proceeded to do a couple of gyrations at the pole. The teacher apologized and the kids said "but she's laughing Miss", which I was. Then just before we reached my stop the teacher leaned down holding onto the pole to check which station we were coming into
and the kids squealed "You just went down on the pole" 
Teacher: No I didn't
Kids: Yes you did( to me) she did didn't she?
My departing remark was "Yes she certainly did." 

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Michele said...

two snow storms!!
Sorry you had a scary few minutes!
Love the photos esp the longs snow covered platform
Also love the new Blog Picture