Tuesday, February 9, 2016


...of my day...

At work it started out waiting in the corridor/hallway...the grade 2-5 classes gather in the gymnasium with a brief assembly and then they make their way upstairs to the  third and fourth floors where I was waiting for the class where I was going to work. The day proceeded in typical fashion going from one class to another and one floor to another- 4th floor, third floor, fourth floor, down to basement level and then up to second floor and back to basement and finally out via the first floor. All stairs access no lifts/elevators in this school :).

Writing this as I watch Criminal Minds and Spencer's line ...
 "I find I do some of my best work under intense terror" ... strikes a cord for me :).

The subway trip home... other than the joy of getting out of the chilled air on my walk from the school to subway line was boosted by sitting opposite a "tough" looking guy with a little dog in a dog carrier bag :)
Finally emerging from the subway at 47th Street and Broadway off the R train, the traffic was so banked up that the emergency vehicles avec "lights and sound" abandoned their vehicular rescuing machines and made their way on foot to wherever the call out emergency was- in 47th Street I presume or hope for their sake- imagine running blocks in that gear- including air tanks and large chopping implements.

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