Monday, February 1, 2016

Frosty ?....

So today's weather forecast is for 58F (11C +) so hardly frosty weather although is that frosty weather in Melbourne? I'm losing the plot and heading down that slippery slope of not knowing the difference between what Im experiencing and reality of being Australian :) Eeek!
However to get back to the photo challenge of the day- it is one of the warmer days of the season and I thought perhaps I could do the Frosty-ing of cupcakes (another slippery slope-it's icing) but the subway worked against my possible trip to Magnolia Bakery to take "frosting" shots.

I have "settled" for practicing the techniques from my new online course- PractiSing 2016- Katrina Kennedy's inspirational class that goes over 52 weeks and gives practicing techniques for a range of photographic skills and challenges. I only joined over the weekend but think I have made it into the time frame with a day to spare so to speak.
Given there was not the frosty opportunities I had in mind I decided to practice my depth of field pieces a la Katrina's class .

I did here starting exercises in writing and found some interesting ideas within my own thinking that enabled me to try these two shots for "starting"- the theme for January :).

These photos seem appropriate as most Saturdays I have spent exploring my Documented Life Project materials and Art Journaling projects.

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Michele said...

11 degrees is just cold not frosty!