Friday, February 19, 2016


How serendipitous was this...the photo prompt for today was covered and the bathroom wall at Michelle's Scrapbooking store in Palm Beach FL uses the covers of books to cover the walls. 

It was at the end of a long day of glorious art activity and then the end of what seemed a long ride to the store and there in the bathroom was jst the photo I needed for today. I have taken other photos during the day.

Here's Dyan getting all wired up

And a typical shot of Dina and her cheezy smile

The crowd of adoring fans and art makers...

My tags at the end of day one...

But I must also include here a recount of the text messaging conversation I had last night during dinner at my accommodation.
Last night I went to the very windy Tiki bar for dinner. One ordered from the take out place in the "hotel" a relatively divey motel, thank god I'm getting it for nothing. Anyway the time started out with a few other patrons there and I had to share it with someone so over the course of about an hour and a half I sent texts to Sue and Bernadette and here is the bulk of mine interspersed with a couple of Bernadette's questions...

OMG. Chose this place partly because it had a restaurant. The "bar maid" has just told two relatively drunk patrons who just arrived that "things will get interesting" soon when I start drinking. Their response would you like a shot? She's just had it!

The new patrons names are Spanky and Randy

I thought it was interesting when Bob and Mindy from up state NY were here but they pale into insignificance.

Bernadette asked:You have to find out the barmaid's name!


Spanky has just shared that she worked down here in 82 in a whorehouse

She is now saying she struggled as a nurse with the younger generation

And Darlene has had her second shot

Surprise surprise Spanky and Randy have just revealed they started drinking at 10 this morning.

Bernadtte: Oh I thought Spanky and Randy were blokes.

Uh uh Spanky is in pink and very tanned

I need to start a list of words one shouldn't attempt after a long days drinking ... realistical is one. Oh and now ... phonomenemeal

Darlene  has just given them vanilla and peach snots I'm sure she said snots...and Spanky's wise reply was "that would make a good sipping drink" as she downed it as a shot

Three guys have arrived one it would seem is an NYC cop and they have just said last night they went to a bar that is a real dive bar!!!! What the heck is this on their scale of things. It is only 7:20!

I just broke to Darlene it is only 7:15 oh my another woman has arrived saying her night last night was so messed up she lost her keys and then her cigarettes and then the young guy took her up to her room. A dive bar book needs to be made from these texts. 😎
I got home safely and my room is far enough away from the bar that closes at 2. The door is locked. 

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Michele said...

Glad the event is working out well after your exciting start!!