Monday, February 15, 2016

Made my heart skip...

...well sort of...

Walking out of the building at the same time as us this morning was...???

I wasn't going to rush around and take a photo of the guy but yep that's Mr Big on his way somewhere with his tatty old briefcase.

 My heart missed a beat seeing what was once the glorious Lennox Lounge in such disrepair and abandonment.
 Further down Lennox avenue was this sign that made my heart stop actually- how can they think the Trump is going to be good for Harlem?
A little flutter of the heart looking at these lovely styled stoops.
 A bit of a racing heart trying yo capture this other "passenger"- I had to wait for the swing of the train to catch the photo between two other passengers.
And back home in the warmth watching the snow fall- happy heart.

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