Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogtoger #29 Arrival

It's tempting to post the photo of my visa page which arrived in my passport however I am not going to only because the photo is so severe and I'd like to think that that is not what I am like!

 However that being said the day finally arrived when I could walk to the post office and pick up my parcel containing my new visa from the US consulate. A bit of a false start to the collection...I walked over the the post office and as I was getting my delivery notification card out I went to get my driver's licence out and realized it is in my other purse back at the house.

So a brisk walk home and a brisk walk back and I was able to hold my passport and visa again. All very comforting.
It is the perfect time to be in Melbourne... today that is given the weather and the gardens are just lovely.

Have had windows open and balmy breezes blowing and the scent of the mock orange floats in on the breeze.

The roses are loving the sunlight and the warmth.

All the foliage and the flowers make the entrance to the house look so different from the times when I have been home in the winter.

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