Monday, January 11, 2016


Today's prompt is addressing one of the challenges of composition and that is delineate use of colour in the photo's composition.
I was lucky enough to have the compeimentary colors of red and green presented to me on my walk to the train.

The bonus with this photo is that it is a weekly event that o have been wanting to capture about my life in NYC. Every week two window washers work early in the morning washing and squeegeeing the windows on this building. They have long flexible poles and walk toward the window with their squeegee poles wobbling slapping the end of them against the window. They then walk backwards as the wash or dry the Windows. They seem to be able to avoid walking into passers by and I have never been splashed. This morning one of them was in red and green :) 

Blue and orange are two the complementary colours on the colour wheel and the charter school in the building I was working in today have chosen these particularly jarring doors. 

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