Saturday, January 23, 2016


Well finding a shot that enabled a dappled effect was not going to happen.

Dappled light is produced when sunlight is filtered through the leaves of trees. The dapples result not because tree leaves have
elliptical holes in them but rather because the leaves combine to make many tiny pinhole cameras, which then produce multiple images of the sun's surface on nearby projection surfaces. Thus each dapple is an image of the surface of the sun. If there is a large sunspot on the surface on the sun, that spot will appear within each dapple.

A little research later and given I was inside during a major blizzard finding or creating this kind of effect was impossible...

So just kick back and savour the moments and the fact that I am in the warm and dry... I have plenty of craft tasks and plenty of preparation for work..lots of food and water...time throughout the day to capture the amazing effects of snow.

 I ventured down as far as the revolving door to get a couple of photos... venturing out is only going to happen tomorrow.