Saturday, January 2, 2016

One word

Each year over the past five years I have tried to have a word that follows and carries me through the year. This year my one word is EMBRACE. 
I want to Embrace the life I have here in NYC and thoroughly enjoy, appreciate and reflect on all the gloriousness that is my life. 
And so in the spirit of this I am embracing the moments I see around me and the parts of people's lives I see. 
I love Edward Hopper's slice of life paintings.
 We saw this painting in Washington DC and it exemplifies the types of photos I like to take. Slithers of everydayife and the bits and pieces that are going on around me. 
Sitting waiting to board my flight to New Orleans today I tried to capture EMBRACE in a photograph. Embrace-that holding onto something... in this case it was a couple...

Not the best example of an embrace so perhaps I can keep that as a theme for my photos during the year as well as embracing the life and journeys of my year. 

However I was able to embrace an example of taking in the little moments in life a la Edward Hopper...

I am still amazed by the traveling companions people in the US are allowed to have. Mind you this little chap was far less inrush ice on my journey than a little girl who was overtired and screaming No no no and hitting her mother for about half an hour on this very small plane.

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