Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good for me

Sometimes I get it sooo right and today I did on a couple of fronts ...

The day after the Epiphany... You know the Epiphany is when one should take one's Christmas tree down...a bit like the social rule that one should not wear white shoes after Labour I was telling Lynne that one would find that in NYC apartment buildings put out their tenants dead trees around the Epiphany and sure enough this morning I came across at least three different places where the apartment building staff had put the Christmas trees on the pavement ready for the NYC environmental tree shredders. :)))

A glass of wine and good company is so good for me on a day that we were to celebrate Sue's birthday gift- Chris Botti at the Blue Note. Instead Bernadette and I enjoyed the great music at the Blue Note and celebrated the great friend and talent that was Annie Stafford. Annie died on Monday January 4 Melbourne time and was being buried at the time we were listening to the great Chris Botti play Time to say goodbye... Vale Annie.

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