Saturday, January 30, 2016


The Documented Life Project is a challenge I've taken on again this year and so each Saturday in January i have spent hours getting things done in my un-Planner and loving it. Today the technique was one that inspired me to try without constantly referring back to "instructions" I felt comfortable enough to do my take on it from memory without double checking what the artist said. I found myself just going with the flow of everything and getting bits and pieces in order. I've been connected all day to the process and the paints and the inks and the project
In order to get images I have deiced to use my photos in different ways. In the NY Times this morning was an article about parrots- many of which are Australian and the photo of two parrots together made me think of my through word for the year- Embrace. I photographed the image and then uploaded it into the Waterlogue App and saved it then printed it and finally cut it out and pasted it onto my page. I'm not completely happy with the page but this project is all about experimenting and finding one's artistic expression so it works in the realm.

This morning I felt happy with where my hair was going so used Photo Booth to capture and image and have been happy with it... happy enough to use it for my profile photo in a couple of places :).

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