Saturday, January 16, 2016

It defeated me...

 The challenge for the photo today was sepia. Despite lots of research and exploring all effects and processes on both cameras I have to give up on the challenge of sepia but not on getting a photo done. :)
I had the photos all ready to try to make them look like old NYC but in the process I was looking at buildings and things differently or at least more intensely and noticed for the first time the Colbert sign on the Ed Sullivan building..

... not the one on the awning but the vertical one that clearly says Colbert...the thing I noticed was Colbert has the same number of letters as Sullivan ... does that mean that Stephen Colbert was destined to take over the show??

So now my photo for the day is one I took from my balcony window- the light and the sky and the clouds caught my eye- thank goodness i grabbed my camera

The blue sky didn't last long but i managed to capture a couple of aspects of it, as I whiled my day away doing some crafting :))).

A lovely guilt free day

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