Tuesday, January 19, 2016


When the light source is directly to the side of your subject, you get side lighting. A light source to the side is ideal because it produces tiny shadows that give your subject some texture. Food photographers base their entire business on creating side lit images with barely perceptible shadows. That’s what makes the nooks and crannies in food photography look so delectable.

Side lighting is also perfect for portraits. Many photographers shoot indoor portraits using some kind of side lighting. When they don’t bring their own professional gear, they rely on their camera-mounted flash. Wouldn’t that produce front lighting? It would if you were aiming the flash directly at your subject. The pros, on the other hand, know that you get a much better effect when you point your flash head at the wall behind you and bounce the flash off of it. This not only makes the light less harsh and direct, it also lights your subject more from the side.

Having now done a little research about the photos I have tried to take ones making use of practical and house bound decisions given the light ...

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Michele said...

I cam see what you mean about the side light.
So taking a photo of your meal with your iPhone above is not a good idea!!