Sunday, January 17, 2016


 Tricky today to take photos that captured light the way I like to when there was really no sunlight. I tried a little self portraiture using the timer setting on my camera-once I found it. I should try using it more often :). 
A fun way to start a Sunday of a long weekend.

Late in the afternoon it began to snow and so the change in the plan was to find light and photos.

How the water tanks work:
- A water tower is a simple device that uses gravity to provide water pressure.
- They provide water for domestic uses and fire supply.
- Most municipalities have tanks that can hold a day’s worth of water for their population.
- Many New York City buildings exceed the height the infrastructure’s water pressure can handle.
- Most structures taller than six stories need some sort of water tower and pump system of their own.
- Water is fed to buildings through pipes in the basement.
- Electric pumps push the water from the basement to roof.
- It takes 2-3 hours to fill the average 10,000-gallon tank.
- From the roof, gravity sends water to pipes throughout the building.
- As tenants use the water, the level in the tank goes down and, just like in a toilet, a ballcock lets more in.

Then there was the effect of snow and the light in and around the "pencil" building

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