Thursday, January 28, 2016


 My favourite process with photos...cropping them...taking that segment of the whole view.

I think that cropping a photo gives you the chance to capture the essence of a doesn't need to see the whole of the Eiffel Tower to appreciate that that is what is in shot but one can appreciate the beauty of the detail of the structure.

So this prompt was one I loved... however it doesn't work so easily to crop a shot one may want to take when one is using one's iPhone.
The shots I didn't get today included the wonderful view of the moon in the morning sky over the Hispanic church in the Bronx on my way to work.

My DSLR gives me the freedom to take these types of shots within landscapes and situations.

Then on my way home I passed and iPhotographed the bumping in at the Walter Kerr Theatre of The Crucible. A little snapshot of my NYC life... each day on my way to and from work I pass a number of theatres. Wednesday afternoons it's the matinee crowd and often the crowd waiting at the stage door to get the stars photo and/or autograph. In the mornings on weekends there are the queues starting to form for cheap tickets then other days like today there are the lighting or the set pieces bumping in or bumping out.

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