Friday, December 28, 2012

December daze #28

Think of three things that daunted you in 2012: how are you going to work towards overcoming them in 2013?

# 1 This prompt is possibly one of the things that daunted me this year :) But then that has made me think of one of the things that has daunted me and that is communicating with friends and family. The ways in which I have relied on have fallen by the wayside in many ways. i used to write to Maddy and then receive letters from her. Michele and I had a goal this year of writing to each other- like real mail... snail mail and that worked for a short while as New Year's resolutions do- it tapered of because we'd meet up at some point and it didn't resume. She was 500% better at it than I. Then emails come in and I delay writing back to people waiting for a time when I have something to say (see a previous post) or I'd use every manner of excuse. I used to send out a type of group email to friends but became disheartened as very rarely did people reply. I was sharing my news with them and they didn't find anything they could share or want to share with me. I'd start my blog again with a great spurt and then it would lapse again. Michele's prompting me to get back into it as people liked to hear about what I was doing, was really helpful I just wish i could hear from those who do peruse this blog by their posting a comment.
However the system that Bronwyn and I have in place is to contact each other on the 22nd of each month mainly because that is our birthday date and a good way to remember each other and the grand time we had team teaching.
To overcome this communication lapse I'm going to put it into my WHI ME goals and set up a system of ensuring I talk with friends and family on a regular basis.

#2 My body shape and over-weight- I thought I finally had it all figured and was doing well in the run up to the Michelle Bridges healthy life style and diet but excuses got in the way- like travel to France and also doing it by myself was too hard for me to maintain motivation. But it's not too late!
To work towards overcoming this weight figures in my 13 in 2013 and comes in at #7 which means 7kgs! Also walking and exercise are going to feature in my WHI ME goals and with this plan to get myself organized i'll be able to keep myself on task!

#3 The greatest thing that daunted me throughout the year was me! However I worked through a whole lot of things and time healed some things as well as my changing the thing I could most easily change and that was me and my thinking and response to things.
Continuation of my art journaling will continue this process of changing how I deal with things.

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